Thyroid Talks

Dublin Demo in June14

Thyroid patients are among the millions of activists asking the Irish Government to stop force- fluoridating water


One thought on “Thyroid Talks

  1. It’s three years since I contacted Professor Vyvyan Howard to ask him for a statement on how fluorides in water affect people . Today I’ve added some of the material i’ve collected over three years of working with anti fluoride activists from around Ireland. We have a new Government ( almost) now, but there has been no change in the irish Governemnt’s position despite a year long study by the Health research Board into the effects of state water fluoridation on human health. The report is being quoted by pro-fluoridation bodies in the USA. The HRB report authors claim they had no mandate to study how fluorides in water affect infants or foetal health, yet these is two groups are most affected by the Irish state’s fluoridation policy.
    Meanwhile Communities across the globe are acting to end water fluoridation, as it is risky, expensive and has little proven benefit for dental health.

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